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Q: What type of memory chips are used in your solid state memory?

A: The CALCULEX MONSSTR recorders utilize non-volatile NAND Flash memory devices. Advantages of this type of memory are low power, and most importantly, retention of recorded data in the event of a loss of power.

Q:Will the solid state memory ever wear out?

A:The memory selected for use in MONSSTR recorders is rated for over 1 million erase/write cycles.

Q:How long can I store data in this solid state memory?

A: The memory selected for use in MONSSTR recorders has a data retention of 10 years minimum.

Q:Can I erase what is stored in memory?

A: Yes. All MONSSTR recorders have an ERASE function as well as a SECURE ERASE function. The ERASE function removes previously recorded data retained in memory so that a new recording is in compliance with system performance parameters. The SECURE ERASE function is a procedure of repetitious erase patterns that follows the guidelines of NSA SECURE ERASE procedures for the type of memory that is utilized in MONSSTR.

Q:If I have a fully recorded 68GB memory canister, how long will it take to ERASE, and if required, to SECURE ERASE?

A: For a 68GB memory canister, the normal ERASE time is 105 seconds (1.75 minutes). To perform a SECURE ERASE function on this capacity memory canister is 35 minutes.

Q:I have seen pictures of both Orange and Black MONSSTR recorders, do I have a choice.

A: The MONSSTR 5000 and 6000 series recorders are available in either International Orange, or Black. The MONSSTR 2300(V1) system is available in a black or orange anodized matte finish. Custom colors will be considered on an individual basis.

Q:I am interested in a MONSSTR 6000 series with the MMUX multiplexer, and will be recording 8 channels of MIL-STD-1553 data and 8 channels of 20Mbs PCM data, for a one hour test flight. How much memory will I need?

A: Your data rate will be an aggregate of 8Mbps for the MIL-STD-1553 inputs, and 160 Mbps for the PCM inputs, resulting in a combined data rate of 168Mbps, or 21MBps. Multiply this by 3600 (60 seconds in a minute x 60 minutes in an hour). This results in a memory requirement of 75.6GB. This requirement would require our 85GB memory canister.

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