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Since our inception, CALCULEX has specialized in the development and production of state-of-the-art electronics and software systems that satisfy a diversity of engineering applications. Our success is based on providing the men and women of CALCULEX a challenging and rewarding environment in which to meet our customers' requirements. By teaming with customers, we are able to deliver quality products on time and within cost. We are committed to customer satisfaction and we are looking forward to the opportunity for a cooperative partnership to provide engineering solutions for your requirements.

Martin J. Small
President /CEO

CALCULEX Engineering

CALCULEX systems engineering has provided hardware and software solutions for many diverse applications, such as real-time, high-speed data acquisition and analysis, fault-tolerant closed-loop control, and man-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop computer-based simulation and training. Our system solutions have been used in airborne, ship-board, ground and laboratory environments. With knowledge and experience, our systems engineering, design and development, and systems integration have consistently met our customers' expectations.

CALCULEX Products and Services

CALCULEX is the world leader in front-end electronics for high-rate digital instrumentation data recorders. Our ARMOR Asynchronous Real-time Multiplexer and Output Reconstructor systems have become the industry standard. ARMOR II systems are employed on advanced weapon systems platforms, such as the USAF B-2 stealth bomber that require the use of advanced telemetry techniques. CALCULEX digital data recorder interface products and support software provide the most cost-effective means to acquire and analyze recorded data. Other products include fiber-optic interfaces and video imaging and distribution systems. Our technical services provide timely on-site and depot maintenance assistance to extend the return on customers' investments.

Tomorrow and Beyond

Our commitment to quality in both the working environment at CALCULEX and the products and services we deliver to our customers has resulted in steady business growth. As we move toward the future, we continue to innovate advanced concepts and techniques to meet tomorrow's challenges. CALCULEX is ready to be your team partner and to provide state-of-the-art electronics, systems engineering development, and standard products and services in applications which fulfill your requirements. To discuss your application or request more information about CALCULEX products please Contact Us.

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