Mission Ready!

Supporting Aerospace and Defense systems with COTS products for applications that require high-bandwidth multiple I/O, data routing, data filtering, real-time data output, multiple file destination and time correlated data recordings. Where we offer Size, Weight, extreme Operational Temp, Low Power budget and High-Density Solid state media storage rugged digital data Chapter 10 recorder solutions.
Applications include:
  • DT & OT Flight Instrumentation
  • Remote receiver
  • Radar
  • Sonar
  • Lab & Ground test stands
  • Tactical mission
  • Fleet Mission Deployment
  • Data loading
  • IR or Optical Surveillance
  • Target PODs
  • Missile
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Tactical mission
  • Mapping
  • Reconnaissance
  • Submersible
  • Weapons testing

Supporting War fighters, Bombers, Cargo, Tankers, UAV/RPAS, Pilot trainers, Surveillance, Targets, Submersible, Helicopter, Regional Jet, ground stations, Rugged ground vehicles.

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