Spectra Aerospace & Defense is a trusted and growing platform of C5ISR companies – CALCULEX, Galleon Embedded Computing, and ArgonFDS - bringing over a half-century of rugged, mission-ready, battle-tested experience to bear in aerospace and defense applications. From high-speed data acquisition, data recording and secure, high-density storage, to computing and rugged, clear display of mission data, Spectra delivers the products and subsystems needed for the most demanding military air, land, and sea platforms. With our comprehensive portfolio of rugged products, systems, and solutions, the Spectra family of companies’ customized end-to-end solutions for the C5ISR market help military end-users achieve mission success. Simply put, Spectra's rugged solutions Capture, Process, and Display your mission-critical data in the harshest environmental conditions. In the air, at sea, on land, and in space; We simplify integration.


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Rugged Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions – A Continuous Investment In New Capabilities


CALCULEX designs and manufactures open-standard airborne data recording and routing systems that conform to all IRIG Standard 106 protocols. CALCULEX, being both the inventor and author of this standard, possesses a unique qualification to ensure the interoperability of our products with third-party systems conforming to the IRIG 106 industry standard. By offering flexibility to our customers, we protect their investment in CALCULEX products for years to come, allowing for the incorporation of new systems and capabilities as they are identified for future growth. CALCULEX has provided impeccable solutions for over 30 years and continues to invest company funds to innovate and expand product capabilities and upgrades.  CALCULEX continues to support our systems with a commitment to our customers and the warfighter to support the products for as long as they are in use.

CALCULEX industry standard products include our ARMOR, SPIDR, MONSSTR and RIPR

All data recordings comply with the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 standard co-authored by CALCULEX and the USAF.

CALCULEX is certified AS9100D/ISO9001.



Recorder, Integrated Processor, Router (RIPR ©)

CALCULEX RIPR technology is designed to provide a range of cutting-edge data recorder models suitable for missions on land, air, sea and space. Our recorders are engineered to meet the toughest conditions, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. Their solid-state memory modules ensure optimal performance at high data rates and across numerous parallel ports and busses, while their low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) architectures make them easy to fit and install.

Our recorders offer a range of digital and analog interfaces, including, but not limited to, MIL-STD-1553, PCM, UART, and Ethernet. With flexible configurations and modular designs, CALCULEX RIPRs Are Modifiable Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (M-COTS) products allowing systems integrators to match their requirements. Discover our range of advanced data recorders, processors and routers today and experience the CALCULEX difference.

All CALCULEX RIPRs utilize a modular open standard for hardware architecture. The data recordings command, control and status application programming interface (API) comply with the IRIG 106 standard co-authored by CALCULEX and the USAF.

CALCULEX is certified AS9100D/ISO9001.


Legacy Data Recording Products

CALCULEX proudly offers support, sustainment and repair options for our products long after their introduction. Many legacy CALCULEX SPIDR, MONSSTR and ARMOR data recorder are still fielded and operating on missions 20+ years later. Below are the data recording Models that CALCULEX continues to support.

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Rugged Video Recorders

CALCULEX offers a range of high-performance digital video recorders that are designed to capture and store high-quality video footage in harsh and demanding environments. Our video recorders are equipped with advanced features, and provide users with the ability to record, store, and share video data with ease. Whether you are looking for a compact and flexible solution or a high-speed, high-capacity system, our range of video recorders is designed to exceed your expectations.

Our video recorders boast up to 16 channels of high-definition video, enhanced definition, or standard definition video in any mix of resolution, along with up to eight channels of Gigabit Ethernet. Users can configure a combination of HD video, SD video, MIL-STD-1553, and various controller I/O options to include Fibre channel, sFPDP, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 10 Gig E Ethernet, and LVDS. With the options available, users can tailor the recorder to their specific mission needs. Our video recorders are also equipped with removable memory modules, allowing for easy transportation and transfer of video data. Trust CALCULEX to provide you with a range of video recorders that are designed to meet your recording needs and exceed your expectations.

All data recordings comply with the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 standard co-authored by CALCULEX and the USAF.

CALCULEX is certified AS9100D/ISO9001.


Rugged Removable Storage

The CALCULEX FlashCache® removable memory module was designed using non-volatile solid state memory with capacities up to 2TB that allow it to be used in harsh environments. The FlashCache features simultaneous read/write bandwidth along with a built-in download port. The FlashCache III (CSR-2003) bandwidth is 55MB/s (read) and 40MB/s (write) and the download port is IEEE 1394b. With simultaneous read/write, built-in download ports and its convenient small size, the FlashCache memory modules are used widely across the CALCULEX MONSSTR 2000 series recorders.

All data recordings comply with the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 standard co-authored by CALCULEX and the USAF.

CALCULEX is certified AS9100D/ISO9001.