RAPTOR Product Family

Rapid Telemetry Optical Recorder

The CALCULEX RAPTOR is the ultimate solution for high-speed data acquisition, processing, and recording in military platforms. The RAPTOR sets a new standard in high-speed data capture with its advanced fiber optic 24-channel input data rates that support 2 Gbps, 10 Gbps, and 25 Gbps per channel. Its ultra-high density Removable Memory Module (RMM) storage offers 132 TB capacity, which is expandable up to 640 TB, making it the largest data storage capacity of any rugged recording device on the market.

Designed in compliance with the IRIG 106 standard, RAPTOR provides adherence to open architecture time-synchronization practices for precision data recording across multiple data sources. The RAPTOR is platform agnostic/adaptable through Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard (TMATS) configuration files, making it an ideal solution for capturing, processing, and storing vast amounts of critical data. With its superior data storage capacity, real-time data acquisition, and open standard compliance, the RAPTOR is widely used in various applications, including Electronic Warfare, Command and Control, and Integrated Sensor System Capture. The RAPTOR offers enhanced situational awareness with its long-duration recording capabilities, making it the ultimate solution for extreme environments.