Naval & Maritime Systems

From the Seabed to the Surface, CALCULEX’s Reliable Information Systems Keep The Mission Forward Deployed

At CALCULEX, we have a long-standing history of offering rugged data acquisition, recording, processing, and routing products for Naval and Maritime operations. Our extensive experience in this domain is proven by our successful deployment on various naval and maritime vessels, including aircraft carriers, amphibious warfare ships, amphibious command ships, amphibious transport docks, dock landing ships, expeditionary mobile bases, guided missile cruisers, destroyers, frigates, littoral combat ships, mine countermeasures ships, patrol ships, submarines, and unmanned underwater vehicles.

Our robust and reliable products have been trusted by naval and maritime operators to provide real-time data acquisition, recording, processing, and routing, even in the most challenging operational environments. Our products are designed to perform under extreme conditions, providing accurate and reliable data for mission-critical operations. We understand that in Naval and Maritime operations, precision and reliability are paramount, which is why our products are engineered to maintain top-level performance while enduring harsh environmental conditions.

In addition to our experience in naval operations, we are also experienced in supporting maritime operations. We have proven our capabilities on various types of maritime vessels, including container ships, cargo ships, passenger ships, heavy-lift ships, and oil drillships and platforms. Our products have been crucial in providing accurate data for these vessels’ operation and safety, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. With our experience in both naval and maritime domains, we are confident in our ability to provide tailored solutions for any data acquisition, recording, processing, and routing needs.