Spectra Aerospace & Defense is a trusted and growing platform of C5ISR companies – CALCULEX, Galleon Embedded Computing, and ArgonFDS - bringing over a half-century of rugged, mission-ready, battle-tested experience to bear in aerospace and defense applications. From high-speed data acquisition, data recording and secure, high-density storage, to computing and rugged, clear display of mission data, Spectra delivers the products and subsystems needed for the most demanding military air, land, and sea platforms. With our comprehensive portfolio of rugged products, systems, and solutions, the Spectra family of companies’ customized end-to-end solutions for the C5ISR market help military end-users achieve mission success. Simply put, Spectra's rugged solutions Capture, Process, and Display your mission-critical data in the harshest environmental conditions. In the air, at sea, on land, and in space; We simplify integration.


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SPIDR Product Family

Scalable Performance Instrumentation Data Recorder

SPIDR (Scalable Performance Instrumentation Data Recorder) is a brand line of data recording systems offered by CALCULEX. These systems are designed to deliver high-performance, application-specific data recording at a lower cost than traditional analog and digital cassette recorders.

One of the key features of SPIDR systems is their multi-channel recording capability. They can handle varying data formats at user-configurable speeds, providing a flexible solution for a wide range of recording applications. In addition, SPIDR systems can be customized to support the optimum recording media for any given application. They can integrate a variety of commercially available I/O devices such as tape recorders, disk drives, CD-ROM and RWCD-ROM, and solid-state devices.

SPIDR systems are built to handle high-speed parallel data capture as required, thanks to their ability to support a virtually limitless aggregate data rate. They support multiple IRIG 106, Chapter 10 channels to record data from multiple data input channels using standard IRIG-106, Chapter 10 format. PCM input channels are frame-synchronized, variable-length words are unpacked and aligned on 16-bit-word boundaries to simplify subsequent processing.

SPIDR systems also support configurable I/O channels. To create optimal configurations, they can accommodate CALCULEX PCI bus telemetry I/O modules and third-party modules, such as multi-channel bit-syncs and serial I/O modules. This level of customization allows users to tailor the system to their specific application needs.

Furthermore, SPIDR systems support software decommutation and raw data reconstruction, making them highly flexible for data analysis and processing. They can output recorded data in its original format with excellent phase coherence between channels. SPIDR systems are also easy to operate both locally and remotely, thanks to their large touch screens with self-explanatory buttons and support for serial links including Ethernet, IEEE-488, and RS-232. The help screens provide on-line documentation, and built-in hardware and software tests simplify the diagnosis of system problems.

Overall, SPIDR systems offer low cost, high-performance, and application-specific recording for a wide range of data-intensive applications. Their multi-channel recording capability, support for configurable I/O channels, and software decommutation and data reconstruction make them an ideal choice for data recording needs across various industries.