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CALCULEX’s M1401 1TB Upgrade Redefines Rugged Airborne Recording


In an exciting step forward for aerospace and defense technology, CALCULEX announces a significant enhancement to its renowned M1401 RIPR flight data and video recorder. By integrating an ultra-high density industrial 1TB CFast 2.0 storage module, CALCULEX not only elevates the M1401’s capabilities but also reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the face of evolving mission requirements.

RIPR M1401 Flight Data/Video Recorder

RIPR M1401 Flight Data/Video Recorder
• 1TB CFast 2.0 Storage• USB 3.0 Download Speeds
• IRIG 106 CH10 Recorder• Rapid Deployment Capabilities
• PCM/Ethernet/155B I/O• Shortened Ground Times

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

As a pivotal component of Spectra Aerospace & Defense, CALCULEX leverages 30 years of rugged, mission-ready experience to deliver products that meet the most demanding military air, land, and sea platform requirements. The M1401 RIPR, known for its robust IRIG 106 CH10 compliance and versatile PCM/Ethernet/1553B I/O capabilities, now offers extended recording durations, ensuring that critical data is never missed during long-duration missions.

Enhanced Capabilities for Critical Missions

The integration of the 1TB CFast 2.0 storage module into the M1401 RIPR represents more than a mere capacity upgrade. It signifies a leap in the ability to capture vast amounts of mission-critical data with unparalleled efficiency and security. This enhancement is a direct response to the complex challenges faced by our customers, offering them a competitive edge in mission planning and execution.

Rugged Performance for Harsh Environments

True to the CALCULEX legacy, the upgraded M1401 RIPR maintains its rugged MIL-STD performance qualifications, ensuring reliable operation in the harshest environments. From extreme temperatures to high-shock and vibration scenarios, the M1401 RIPR is engineered to deliver uncompromised performance when it matters most.

Minimized SWaP for Maximum Efficiency

Adhering to the crucial need for minimized Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) in aerospace and defense applications, the M1401 RIPR with 1TB storage continues to offer an unparalleled advantage. Its compact footprint and maximized processing capabilities ensure that it remains the recorder of choice for platforms and pods requiring top-tier performance without the bulk.

Commitment to the Warfighter

CALCULEX’s dedication to supporting the warfighter in challenging and often adverse environments is evident in this latest upgrade. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in rugged airborne recording, CALCULEX ensures that the U.S. and its allies have access to the best tools for achieving mission success.


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