Rugged Storage

Rugged Removable Storage

The CALCULEX FlashCache® removable memory module was designed using non-volatile solid state memory with capacities up to 2TB that allow it to be used in harsh environments. The FlashCache features simultaneous read/write bandwidth along with a built-in download port. The FlashCache III (CSR-2003) bandwidth is 55MB/s (read) and 40MB/s (write) and the download port is IEEE 1394b. With simultaneous read/write, built-in download ports and its convenient small size, the FlashCache memory modules are used widely across the CALCULEX MONSSTR 2000 series recorders.

All data recordings comply with the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 standard co-authored by CALCULEX and the USAF.

CALCULEX is certified AS9100D/ISO9001.